Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mark with the Sea and The Dead Salesman- The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine.

On a cold, wet shitty Friday night two Ballarat bands headed over to C-maine for a little show to promote the release of The Dead Salesman's AMEN on Vinyl at the Bridge Hotel.

Mark with the Sea opened up and are a band that has been around a while consisting of members from various other Ballarat bands such as Matheson, The Rye Catchers, Epicure and probably a shitload more that I can't even think of right now. They have pretty much covered the last 15 or so years on the stage between them all.
I love this band, not only because I know them, but because there is something so unique about them.  On this night, they sounded so bloody good, harmonies were spot on, musically spot on and even Mark's in between songs "tuning" was spot on!

The Dead Salesman are basically as close to Ballarat Royalty as you will ever get. There is not much more I can say. You could pretty much close your eyes and imagine you were sitting at the other Bridge (Bridge Mall Inn) around the early to mid nineties (minus the cigarette smoke and a few less beers under my belt). Just so good and such a treat to hear all those songs again!

Quote of the night goes to Hap from the Salesman.
Punter: "Whats next?"
Hap: "Dunno, maybe go get a hot dog and a packet of gaspers from the roadhouse.""Oh, you mean what song?"

Anyways, enjoy what I came away with from the night!

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