Tuesday, 28 April 2015

IRON REAGAN- The Tote, Melbourne.

Your Kids an Asshole...............Iron-Fucking-Reagan!

This gig was my first one back shooting in nearly 12 months. And what a gig it was!

For one reason or another for the most part of last year I didn't have any mojo for shooting gigs and most of my time went into my other project, my clothing company, Fearless Brand Co.

I was a bit worried to be honest, but like most things it was kind of like riding a bike. The first few frames were a bit wonky but after that the confidence soon came back and I was hanging monos like a legend!!

I didn't shoot heaps, but as one of my camera guru buds once said to me "it only takes a few images to tell a story, not a full memory card!"

Anyways, for me the night consisted of good tunes with good mates and heaps of fucking chaos from Iron Reagan!


Many thanks to Nassar at Nightmare Music for the hook up!


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