Sunday, 12 May 2013

Regional Roulette.......Round One. Frankenbok, Heaven The Axe, King Parrot and Abreact.

A few weeks ago the first round of the Regional Roulette Tour kicked off featuring Frankenbok, Heaven The Axe, King Parrot and Abreact.

The idea behind the Roulette is that no one, not even the bands would know who was playing in which slot at any gig, therefore trying to encourage punters to get to the gigs early and check out all of the bands, not just the headliners.
Each night there will be a random draw from the "Snare of Doom" and that would then determine the playing order for the night.

Ballarat on opening night was a cracker, Frankenbok opening the show followed by Bendigo lads Abreact, then King Parrot and closing the night were Heaven the Axe.

A fantastic night with a few memorable moments which included Azzabok running around the venue whilst playing and headbanging with the punters up the front and of course, Youngy from King Parrot venturing out the front door of the venue to share some "Psycotherepy and Valium" with some punters sitting down, only to proceed to run at full noise and jump back down the inside stairs into the crowd and not miss a beat!

The following night was at the Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine.

A cool little out of the way pub with a good vibe.

I missed out on King Parrot opening up on night two, but from all reports it was a really good set.
Heaven the Axe were up next and chugged along like a well oiled freight train.
Next up were Frankenbok, for anyone that has seen these blokes knows how much fun they have onstage, never taking things too seriously which was witnessed when Azza "locked" Yeti out of the stage area while still playing and then giving his guitar to one of the crowd to play for a song, and the getting a member of the crowd on stage to help close the set with "Fuckin' Kuntz" is always worth watching!
Rounding the night were Abreact. Now I'd not heard much from these guys before this tour but man, they are just amazing. New singer Mat was being introduced to the world on this particular tour, playing his first gig with the band only the night before in Ballarat. Whoa this dude has a set of lungs, big time!
I'm really hoping to work on something with these guys really soon.

Check out the links for each of these bands and get along and support live music.
Heaven the Axe.

Anyways, thats enough blah, blah, blah from me.

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Karova Lounge, Ballarat-Thursday Night.



 Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine-Friday Night.