Monday, 13 August 2012

King of the North at Karova Lounge.........

Early last week I heard King of the North were heading back to Karova Lounge in Ballarat to kick off their weekend of EP launches, bringing with them Hailmary all the way from Western Australia. I was really excited as last time they played I missed most of the set arriving late only to catch the last two songs, that was enough to impress the hell outta me, HOLE-E-SHEET they were good!
Thursday rolls around and it's yet another flipping cold night in Ballarat but that wasn't going to stop me!
I arrived as Hailmary were cranking out the start of their set full of hard, tight, guitar driven rock. I'm glad I arrived a bit before i was going to, a set well worth watching, well done lads!
After the Hailmary boys finished up it was time for King of the North.
Higgsy and Danny (yep, just two blokes) have put together a sound quite unique, you see, if you were standing in front of them playing with your eyes closed, you would swear that there was a full band set-up playing. BIG rock guitars, BIG rock bass and the effin' HUGE rock drums.  You then open your peepers to two insanely energetic musicians.
Playing to a relatively small gathering of people, you'd think they were playing an arena full of fans, rocking hard and hitting hard from start to finish.
For those that haven't had the opportunity of seeing these two blokes play, man, you've missed out so far, don't miss out again! 
By the way, when you do go to see them, pack some ear-plugs......just a tip!

Enjoy the shots!



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