Sunday, 29 July 2012

Friday Night Rock at the Espy with Heaven the Axe......

 Last Friday night I packed my camera bag and trundled along to the Espy in Melbourne. Now, for those that don't know, the Espy is one of Melbourne's finest live music venues, it's an institution for many (and some of them might need some institutionalising!!! BIG word that one, I know!!)
The Gershwin room was the stage of choice for Friday's shenanigans and it got ROCKED!
Having shot Heaven the Axe a couple of times now, I've never really had the chance to hang-out much, it's usually been shoot the show and get home, but Friday I finally got to hang out proper like and get to know the band a bit more. 

Many years ago i played in a few bands, some good, some better, some pretty effin' cool. And in this time i never had the chance to meet a band or a bunch of people who are more excepting, welcoming and above all, passionate about what they do and what they want to give their fans. So for that guys, i thank you! Some amazing things are just over that there horizon.........and i hope to be there to capture it ALL!!

I know some of these shots are not "technically correct", but in my eyes they capture the energy and the moments......and after all, that is what music is all about!

Horns up \m/\m/ !!

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