Tuesday, 9 October 2012

CHOPPED Rod and Custom Show 2012.......

CHOPPED 2012 has now been and gone, leaving a lot of very hungover, dirty, dusty, muddy but above all extremely happy people in it's wake!

Having been at all 5 of the events put on by the Brothers Ford (Ryan and Kyle) and good mate Paul Williams I can tell you this is the premier event in Australia for traditional styled Rods, Kustoms and Sickles.

There is simply nothing like it.

Not only is there Rods, Kustoms and all sorts of Choppers and Bobbers with their foot flat to the floor or arms twisting throttles spraying dirt and mud everywhere, but there are bands playing all weekend and the TIKI Palace Bar certainly keeps everyone hydrated.

The one thing I always manage to do at CHOPPED is find a new favourite band, and it happened again! With many of the bands who played the early years going on to do some really great things, amazing bands such as Graveyard Train and Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders to name just a couple.
This year the calibre of bands was stepped up a notch with some amazing performances from the likes of the Spanish influenced Abbi Cardwell and her Chicano Rockers (complete with GIANT fishbowl Marc & Rita's) to the straight out rock of Glitter Canyon or the Bluesy "get up and shake your ass" of Frankie Alibi and the Fugitives and of course the ever lovely Lanie Lane playing a stripped back set of tunes, even covering "The Boss'" I'm on Fire much to my delight as i'm a huge Springsteen fan!

For me, I think I approached my shooting differently this year than others taking more of an "observational" approach, it was really refreshing, I guess I just wanted to wander, take it all in and try to convey the atmosphere and thought that if in that I came away with some nice shots I'd be happy, well.........I'm happy.

If you're one of those that keep saying "yeah, I should try and get to that next year" just do it! You will not be disappointed! Every year the lads manage to make some changes to keep it fresh while still remaining true to the initial idea of the event.

Anywho, enough from me, I hope you enjoy what I managed to capture this year.

Until next year CHOPPED, over and out!




  1. Wow! My hat goes off to you sir.

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