Friday, 8 March 2013

Converge w/ Old Man Gloom and The Broderick @ Billboard the Venue, Melbourne.

This post has been a long time coming, but it's here.

You know when you go to a gig and you're there for the headliners and maybe you kinda dig one of other bands well, this was kinda me i guess. I'd heard a few tracks from The Broderick before hand and Old Man Gloom I'd seen on "Ye Olde youTube" a bit and dug a few tracks. I was pretty keen to see both of the supports and make up my own mind.

This night was going to be a night of intense mind blowing-ness right from the fuckin' get go!

Mind Blowing-ness Number 1.
The Broderick stepped out to a partially loaded floor section and proceeded to tear strips from my face, WHOA. Energy, intenseness and a super tight rhythm section (even with stand-in drummer, two thumbs up man!)

Mind Blowing-ness Number 2.
Old Man Fuckin' Gloom...........................sludge, sludge and more sludge! Just the way I like it!
I said it on the night to my hombres and I'll say it again, if there was ever a band that made me want to start a super-sludgy mess of a metal band, these guys were it!

Mind Blowing-ness Number 3.
Who else but Converge!
A band that can shred new assholes for everyone within coo-ee of the venue.
Jacob commanded centre stage telling security to clear a path for him to get to the punters, and that he did. Often throwing the microphone into the crowd. Even standing on one photographers head to do so at one point (if you're reading this John, hows the head mate?)
Nate was like a man possessed and considering he was pulling double-duty all tour playing in not only Converge but slinging sludge on the guitar for Old Man Gloom also, that was no easy feat at all!

It was safe to say that I walked away from this show having been suitably blown-the-fuck-away!

Anyways, enough from me, enjoy the shots!



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