Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fuel Magazine & Globe presents Coffees and Classics........

This past Saturday morning was the first of hopefully many Coffees and Classics at the Salford Lads Club in Port Melbourne.
I trundled down the highway in the Griswalds Family Truckster AKA "Holiday Road" to check out what was happening.
Wow, what a great spot for this type of get-together. With loads of parking available for classics of all sorts from VW's to Hot Rods and Kustoms to motorcycles and even a couple of beach cruiser pushies. Then there's the Salford Lads Club serving up that caffine fix and Uncle Rocco's Barber shop open for business, how could it go wrong!
A big congrats to all involved, very much looking forward to the next one!

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kustom Nationals 2013...........

This year I was lucky enough to be holidaying with the family at Cowes the exact same weekend of the Kustom Nats, stoked!
I did only get over to the track on the Saturday but it was good times let me tell you!
Highlight: From 10.30am to about 5pm! It was all good!
Many thanks to the Eldorados CC who are a hell of a good bunch of blokes to hang out with and of course thanks also go to my "driver" Mr Cooper behind the wheel of his freshly acquired, sexy as all get out 53 Chev Belair Hardtop. Check out the lads work over here it is seriously kick ass!
As usual, enough from me.