Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CHOPPED 2013.............

The first weekend in October means only one thing, CHOPPED Rod and Kustom Show in Newstead, Victoria. And it gets bigger and bigger every year.

This year was again a different approach for me (and it seems similar to a few other shooters as well) as I found myself socialising more and shooting less.

For me it's becoming that one time in the year where you get to not only catch-up with but also meet for the first time in person, so many rad people from all over Australia, which is why I'll never miss this event. The People.

Sure it's changed, the different groups of people have changed but in essence, it's still the same CHOPPED show run by the same blokes (doing a fucking great job might I add!) Ryan, Kyle and Willo and attended by mostly a kick-ass group of people!

Rad bands, great company and Hot Rods, Kustoms and motorcycles as far as the eye can see, what more could you ask for!

Ask me to pick out a highlight for the weekend, hmmmmm, car wise would have to be the T Coupe Gasser, that was just wild! Bike wise would definitely be Runier Ran's new build "Brimstone", that thing is just insane!

But overall, it would have to be the five minutes I got to spend with The Jade Idol, Bob and Mark were so humble and down-to-earth, a real pleasure to shoot! Cheers guys and thanks to Des Russell.

Anyways enough from me, enjoy what I saw through the lens.


5 Minutes with The Jade Idol on Sunday afternoon looks like this.

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