Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Big Day Out Melbourne 2013..........

The update starts with a tweet from Laura Jane Grace, the singer of the American band Against me! and goes along the lines of "If you'd like to come and shoot our set, i'll try and organise a media pass" and me thinking, "Wow, cool, if it happens it does if it doesn't ah well, next time maybe" with another tweet about an hour later saying "you're on the list with a media/photo pass", "alright, looks like i'm going to the Big Day Out!"
Arriving a bit early at about 9.45am at the collection office at Flemington Racecourse we were told the passes would not be available until 10.30am, time to kill, should be easy!
10.30 rolls around and a rep from BDO comes out to let us know there has been an issue with one of the truck carrying not only all of the media info but House vs Hurricane's gear as well, poor bastards were supposed to be opening up on the main stage too (their set times were changed and they closed the Red stage instead).
12.20pm is the time I collect my pass and high-vis cape and head on through the gates!
I get in and grab the clickers out of my bag and prepare to get snapping!
I had a fair idea of how my day would play out and surprisingly, it was pretty much as expected except for adding Death Grips to the list on the "hot tip" from another photographer who shot their sideshow earlier in the week.
List went something like - House V Hurricane (changed to later in the day)
                                        - Every Time I Die
                                        - Against me!
                                        - Grinspoon
                                        - Death Grips
                                        - Smith St Band
                                        - Bodyjar
I ended up missing out on HVH's closing set on the Red stage and caught i bit of the Killers set which was well, a bit meh, it was good but just not my thing.
I watched Red Hot Chilli Peppers from the general public area with interest, would they sound any good? Would they still have the energy they used to have on stage? Would the interact with the crowd? In my opinion, "NO" answers all of those questions pretty easily!
In saying that, I will always have a soft spot for the Chilli's earlier material.
Anyways, for me, I had a fantastic day hanging out and meeting heaps of cool people and shooting some cool bands.

Take a look at what I came away with.


Every Time I Die..................

Against me!................


Death Grips............

 Smith St Band.................